"I've wanted to drop about 25 lbs and tone things up for the past few years. Tried to do my own thing more times than I can count, including fad diets like Nutrisystem for Men and Atkins, and going to the gym down the street. I've always bailed because I got tired of eating tasteless food, or because I got tired of paying crazy money for no results. One of my friends lost a bunch of weight for a role he auditioned for, and I asked how he did it. He referred me to Courtney, and the rest is history. I dropped the 25 lbs I wanted plus a bit more and added the muscle I needed to give my body the shape I was looking for. Courtney was able to help me understand her system, she designed and adjusted a meal plan to build muscle and burn fat. She also helped me finally understand how to balance my cardio and training. Can't recommend her highly enough."

Jeff Bains

Southern California

"Courtney was a great coach to work with in my pursuit of getting fit. I was skeptical at first with being on two different coasts and in different time zones, but she provided workout plans and meal plans during the journey that were tailored to me and my current fitness level. Just a few of the many great things about Courtney are her positive attitude, drive and mindset that I could count on to keep me motivated and on track. She was flexible with offering to make changes to my meal plan as I started travelling a lot more than expected and eating on the road can be difficult. She was attentive to answer any questions and checking in on me, even when I would miss a scheduled check in. I would recommend anyone wanting to get fit or learn to eat healthier, or in need of that extra motivation to reach their goal to shoot her an email."



"I'm a mother. A housewife. The kind that devotes my hands and my time solely to my family, the house, the cooking. Who exists each day on cups of coffee, crusts of my toddlers sandwiches and dinner with dessert. Or at least I was that way, for years. When I started with Courtney about a year ago I was 170+ lbs, and at 5'6" that is fat. I had back rolls and I was literally covered in cellulite. I carved out the time each day to dedicate to my workouts, which were all from home as I do not have access to a gym. During my daughters hour of TV time and her nap, I lifted and I hit that elliptical. Yes, as a coach she is so very knowledgable, but what stands out the most for me looking back is how dedicated, creative, motivating, and understanding Courtney is. I had to do everything from home, and to go from barely eating during the day to eating 4-6 meals was overwhelming for me. She understood all of this and slowly but steadily brought me along. Now having lost 40+ lbs I can only hope my progress pictures show what a commitment to fitness can get you with a great coach who truly cares about her clients."

Alison Moyer


"Courtney was extra patient with me. Being a total beginner in the gym can be really intimidating, but she was patient and knowledgeable and she truly cares about her clients which shines through during the time you spend with her. If something didn’t feel right, or I wasn’t feeling an exercise in the muscle group I was supposed to, she changed things up. Always adjusting and checking in with me. I came to her to build muscle and the past four months have totally surpassed my expectations, I can’t wait to see what the next four will bring."

Tori Jackson

New York

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