How IIFYM Changed My Life


October 21, 2016.
I will totally admit that starting out, I was one of those people. The “clean eaters” who swore up and down that IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) was unhealthy. The 6 meals a day girl who was eating chicken and brown rice and broccoli with mustard and pretending to love it because I wanted abs. Who was I to argue with my coaches who had decades of experience working in nutrition? It did work after all, at least for a while.

“Tomorrow I’ll really push hard during fasted cardio”

After about 4 years of living that way I began to question things. I began to question the sustainability of this lifestyle. I began to question this way of thinking, and the fact that there was literally no flexibility in what I was doing made life very hard. I would go to a family party and bring my lunch box with me, filled with brown rice and ground turkey or tilapia, and while everyone else was enjoying grilled steak or street tacos I’d be eating semi-warm fish and boiled broccoli. Until eventually I’d break and chow down on some cookies or sweets that were out on the counter sending me into a spiral of guilt and regret.

“Tomorrow I’ll really push hard during fasted cardio” I’d tell myself. Make the calories worth it. Repeat cycle. Sound like anyone you know? Maybe yourself?

It wasn’t until I graduated my nutritional classes and started diving deep into the science of the human body and our relationship with food  that I started to actually pull away from that way of thinking, and the more I spoke to athletes who advocated the IIFYM lifestyle the more I believed in it. What I ended up learning really surprised me. It’s not all Poptarts and Oreos people. IIFYM has rules just like anything else. Whole, nutritional, unprocessed foods are vital to your well-being no matter what diet plan you follow. The thing that really stuck out for me however is that through this you make your diet work for your lifestyle. Not the other way around.

There are a multitude of dietary approaches, and all of them work to varying degrees for the purpose of weight or fat loss. However, the elusive yet crucial element of success on any diet is whether the individual is able to adhere to the diet long-term.


Since starting myself with IIFYM my life has completely transformed for lack of a better word. The stress and anxiety I once felt around food is completely gone as there is no such thing as “good” food and “bad” food. Food is just different. I get to cook for my family again, I get to partake in family functions and I get to have a body I love while eating foods that I love. It may sound impossible but I can assure you it’s not. No more dieting all week and waiting eagerly for a cheat meal on Friday nights only to binge eat on the things you’ve been craving for the last seven days. No more going on vacation and trying to adhere to a no carb plan so you don’t bloat. No more missing out on meals you cooked for your family or friends because you can’t have carrots or butter or potatoes. Literally none of that. You get to do exactly what you were put on this earth to do. You get to live, you get to enjoy your life.




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