Certified Trainer, Yoga Instructor,
Health Coach and Model
Courtney is certified with the Yoga Alliance as well as the International Sports Sciences Association. She continues to be a respected athlete, both in her earlier years as a competitive rodeo queen and volleyball star and now as a sponsored fitness professional.
“I aim to provide an understanding yet real approach when it comes to helping each individual I work with reach their goals.”
Born and raised in Los Angeles, she made a name for herself as an adult model while pursuing a business degree at a nearby college. As she took charge of her entertainment career and education, she sought out new adventures inside the world of fitness. Having a background in athletics and team sports ranging from volleyball to rowing crew for college and competitive horseback riding, athleticism is something that has always played a large role in her life and was a natural progression after retiring from entertainment.
After college, Courtney had to discover new ways of staying active as her time spent doing team sports had come to an end. She struggled with weight gain and yo-yo dieting which resulted in depression and an unhealthy relationship with food, which is a prime reason she is able to relate so deeply with her clients and their struggles to find balance in their fitness journey.

In the fall of 2013, after college she took an interest in the world of body building. Shortly after, fitness and nutrition took over her life. She obtained a degree as a Fitness Trainer with The International Sports Sciences Association and continued to further her education as she dove into Nutritional coaching; which enables her to dive into new entrepreneurial enterprises within the fitness industry. Obtaining a yoga teacher certification has not only broadened her views on health and wellness, it has also allowed her to offer a unique coaching experience to her clients.

“I may not always tell you what you want to hear and I will definitely keep you accountable, but I will always be there to help you up and dust you off when you stumble.”
As an expert specializing body maintenance, anti-aging, yoga, and training, Courtney hopes her membership site will be a one stop shop for men and women of all walks of life to find the answers and inspiration to turn their own dreams into their reality.

With her unquestionable love for life and her endless drive, it is clear why Courtney Byers is a leading star in social media with hundreds of thousands of followers. She is truly influential with a fan base that is loyal and ever growing. Courtney is a natural born leader, inspiring people to reach their goals and dreams by living a life full of enthusiasm, joy, courage, and most of all.. passion.


I never stop learning, I am always searching for new ways to educate myself so that I may bring the most advanced and updated techniques to the table for my clients. My drive and passion for helping people is not something that can be matched. I truly love what I do and I believe it shows in the undivided attention and passion I give to each and every individual I work with.

Fitness is so special as no two journeys are the same. I would love to walk with you through your own journey and help you discover your unique path.  Everyone struggles with some aspect of being healthy and I have created this website to help others on their journey both physically and mentally. I promote health, wellness and most of all balance. You can have a fit and healthy body that you love and still enjoy life! I continue my own personal wellness journey living in Southern California by the beach with my two pups.

©2018 Courtney Byers o.b.o Balanced Bodies Wellness, California, USA.

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