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22 March 2016
Brahmacharya [Brah-Mah-Char-eeya] can be described as the act of moderation. For those of you that are not familiar with  Patanjali’s yoga sutras, In old Hindu it is actually focused on sex and celibacy however it has since been translated to moderation in all aspects of life. Sounds simple enough right?
Unfortunately when it comes to dieting and “fit living” moderation is seemingly rarely practiced. At least that’s how social media portrays it. All too often I see people posting workouts and skinny teas, meal plans and all these different ways to lose weight but no one is addressing life during that time. Having competed in a few bikini shows and having seen first hand how that lifestyle affects not only your body but your mind as well, I can honestly tell you that that lifestyle is not maintainable year round and you are not getting the full picture.What social media fails to show you is the struggle. The missed get-togethers, the fact that most of these people (myself included at one time) were missing out on life.
Had a great shoot recently. More pictures coming soon.
Photograph by Isaiah Mays
Sure, getting into top physical shape takes sacrifice. It takes a solid meal plan and workout regimen. But during that time you also need to keep yourself sane. If you are so strict on yourself that your quality of life has diminished, is it really worth it? This is where Bramacharya comes in and this is exactly why it resonated so deeply with me. For a long time I completely sucked at balance. I still do sometimes. Life is balance and balance can be HARD. Whether it be work and vacations, or donuts and salads.  Don’t eat 2 dozen donuts but also don’t starve yourself..
Balance is the key to success.”


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