Are YOU Preventing Your Own Growth?
September 15, 2017.
We all have a comfort zone. The space that makes us feel safe and secure. But what if I told you that your comfort zone was prohibiting you from living the life you really wanted?
What is a comfort zone exactly? It’s not a physical place. A solid, touchable thing, It’s a mental and emotional box that we put ourselves in. A mental boundary that we place upon ourselves that keeps us in control. That keeps us safe, hidden from that big scary world full of possibilities and what if’s.
Most of my life I have been pretty introverted. Don’t get me wrong, I have definitely had my moments. But for the most part I prefer to blend in. That’s my comfort zone. Which at six feet tall as you can imagine is pretty difficult. For example; I’m an excellent chair dancer. Y’know that little confident sway you get when the music comes on at a party or in a bar. You’re not quite ready to get up and commit to full on dancing, but you sit there in that chair and bounce and sway like you invented rhythm. That’s me, getting me up and on my feet is a completely different story. Similar to putting a baby deer on ice skates.
My boyfriend however is the complete opposite. Most of us have those people in our lives. Whether it’s a friend or a significant other or maybe it’s a family member. You know the kind, the first one on the dance floor at a wedding, the person cracking jokes and making everyone laugh. He puts himself out there and isn’t afraid to be awkward. Something I have always truly admired. Funny enough no matter how hard I fight it, he’s always been able to pull me out of my comfort zone. That man is persistent. He’s pulled me out of my chair and onto the dancefloor more times than I can count. He’s gotten me to be silly and awkward and truly uncomfortable at times. But really, those moments are some of my favorite memories.
I have learned that I have to pull myself away from my boundaries. All of us do. Because as cliché as it is, that’s where life truly begins. That is where opportunities lie. Outside your comfort zone is where you evolve. Staying safe and doing the things you’ve always done will get you the results you’ve always gotten. As scary as change and growth can be, it’s necessary in life.

This is always challenging for me and is a continuous work in progress. However, it gets easier the more I do it.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Whether it’s speaking up at work, Pushing yourself past your limits when you’re training, or maybe letting go of relationships that you’ve held onto past their expiration date. Whatever it is, it may be painful at the beginning but there is light and a stronger you at the end of the tunnel.


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