Eating Clean Alone Won’t Do It
October 12, 2016.
Your body composition is a function of your genetics, your training, and your macronutrient intake. So does that mean eating whole unprocessed, organic and/or biodynamic food is not important? No.
It’s super important for your health and vitality. But…

Eating clean alone will not give you next level body composition. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine for the average joe.

Eating clean is probably the best thing they can do for their health and their body composition.


But you aren’t just looking to be an average person.


You want to be better, you want to go to the next level and eating clean is necessary but it’s not sufficient on its own.


Which means that you should be doing it anyway but it won’t do the job on its own.


Did you really think that just doing the bare minimum,

i.e. eating whole, unprocessed food, would be enough to join the next level?

You see, people out in average land are actually living in a diseased state.


Their food choices are making them sick.


Eating “clean” just makes you not sick.

It just means you are no longer diseased

It doesn’t make you elite

Although it sure feels like it when 95% of people are so far off normal.

To get to that next level,

You must be hitting your macros and optimizing your training.

You must be measuring and optimizing all of the variables in your life.

Your thoughts, sleep, rest, training, nutrient levels, timing, etc.


It’s all about creating a process that you follow with discipline and passion and then consistently refining that process as you get more information from your results.


It’s the quest for constant self-improvement that makes this whole thing worthwhile. The longer I do this, the less it is about looking a certain way and the more it is about striving to refine and improve my thoughts, words, and actions every day.


A virtuous feedback loop develops.


My actions drive right thoughts,

Right thoughts drive right words,

Using the right words drive more and better actions.


The process feeds itself.


The most powerful stimulus to my training currently is to change the story I tell myself in my head each and every day.


“Clean” eating won’t get you to that next level.


However a commitment to

Right thoughts

Right words

Right actions




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