Be The Hardest Worker In The Room

October 18, 2017.

This is my mantra, so let me explain

When I’m at a photo shoot I want the photographer, the art director the hair and makeup team the lighting crew to all know that I worked my ass off to get them the photos that they need. I want them to know that I work harder than everybody else.

When I’m at a fitness show or presenting a seminar I want the people I come in contact with to be moved not just by what I’m saying but by the effort and intensity with which I’m working. I’m working to make them better in the time we have together.

Being a personal trainer I speak to every person in the gym I can, I talk to people on the street, in the locker room, everywhere. You have to bring it all the time, every where you go.

Be the hardest worker in the room.

You Must Master Your Craft.

I will never stop trying to master the skill of coaching.

I agonize over my clients’ results and check-ins.
I constantly re-assess my coaching process to look for flaws or weaknesses. I take my client’s results personally even though I know that I shouldn’t. (more on that later) and I seek out the best coaches to coach me.

You Must Learn From The Masters

I pay the best coaches to teach me the best techniques.

I don’t do the minimum, I pay to be mentored and coached over a series of months or even years. As I develop I spend more money on self-development. Not less. I attend classes & seminars at least 4 times a year so that I am able to bring my best self to my clients.

These coaches are the best at what they do and as a result, I am constantly challenging and reframing my ideas based on what I’m learning so I can become the best at what I do. I combine everything I have learned and constantly reassess my knowledge which means my view is unique.

You Have To Walk The Walk

I don’t just talk about how to get elite body composition, I’m constantly striving to have elite body composition.

In don’t just post motivational quotes, I try to live by them and change my mindset and habits to reflect them.

I didn’t just do the courses, I implemented the content in the courses synthesis it with what I have learned before and then create my own method.

You Must Master Yourself

When I started out In the fitness industry I was 23 but I was coaching men in their 40’s which meant I had to learn to relate to older successful guys and I had to learn how to lead and motivate them. At each step in my development, I have had to overcome some negative stories that I tell myself. For a long time, I worked to shake off the negative stories I told myself when I felt inferior. Personal development and business development are intertwined.

It’s hard, I still freak out someday’s and I feel pressure. Then I deal with it and get back to the work

Master Each Scale Before Moving To the Next

Mastering personal training meant that I could coach teams of people at the same at a really high level. There was still a learning curve that I went through but I could deliver because I had mastered coaching at the one-on-one scale.

It’s not popular advice these days but sometimes it helps to pay your dues, attain, mastery before you rush to something at larger scale.


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