Hawaii – My Trip To Maui

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May, 2018.


Hawaii is one of my favorite places on earth. I would loooove to move here someday. So stoked to be visiting Maui for a week.

Trips like this are awesome, I get to work and play at the same time. I am taking off to the islands to meet and share a house with a few people I don’t know (this is a new experience for me.. hello, introvert here) I was a little hesitant at first but ultimately decided what the hell.. and jumped in with both feet. I really wanted to take the chance to make some new friends within the fitness industry, and what better way to do it?!

My AMAZING (can’t stress that word enough) friend and photographer Brett Seeley set the trip up. It’s bound to be a great week full of adventures, photo shoots, some great training w some great people and a whole lot of fun and sun.

Seeing as this trip is kinda play but also lots of work, I had to make sure I was super diligent when prepping for my time on the island. I’ve blogged about how I travel fit before, but this time I wanted to have a little more flexibility while also maintaining my physique since I would be shooting..

 So here’s how I prepped-

I pretty much live by the old saying “Fail to prepare & you prepare to fail”

 I know my weaknesses so I work with them to set myself up for success.

  1. I LOVE airplane food (I know.. weird).. well mainly I love sweets, and planes are full of them. So I pack lots of sweet options from home and write the weights on the little ziplock baggies. (Some of my favorites are chocolate covered almonds, or a dark chocolate bar, cinnamon life cereal, I ALWAYS make myself a yummy sandwich packed with avocado and veggies, berries are also great at filling that snacking void)



  1. I pack protein powder. I prefer Isolate, because protein is usually the last thing consumed when on holiday, and the easiest to be low on. I portion out baggies that are 20-30g worth of protein. (2 per day I’m away) that way it’s an even number and easy to fit into my meals. Also big enough to make catching my protein up to everything else easy.


  1. DRINK WATER. Tons of it. I have a reusable gallon jug that I attach to my carry on. I bring it on the plane empty and I fill it as soon as I land. I make sure to get at least 1.5 gallons in the day of a flight. In addition to whatever I drink on the plane. It helps prevent water retention from flying and it also flushes out the salty plane food if I had any.



  1. I plan out enough meals to enable me to eat roughly every two hours of the flight. If it’s a red eye, I save my last meal of the day for just after take off, and then I fast.



  1. I stay active, I generally hit the gym before my flight. Today I was up at 4am to train. But if I’m not able to do that, I get to the gym immediately after landing. Usually before I check into my room or VRBO. So I don’t give my brain a chance to shut off. (It’s much easier to stay active than to sit down and “relax” and have to get yourself up again). Even if it’s some light training or 20 minutes on the cross trainer. Get yourself going.



  1. Bring your favorite staples. I always pack individual microwave packets of oatmeal and rice. And some zero calorie sweetener along with Walden Farms single serving syrup packs. Those help me stay on track while also enjoying some goodies. And since they’re all staples of mine, super easy to track.

Most of all. I try not to stress. If it’s just a vacation I am a lot more flexible and just try to get my water in while making healthy choices. But since I’m shooting this trip I have to keep myself a bit more accountable.

Take it day by day. Be playful, get outside, drink your water and enjoy!!



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Hawaii – My Trip to Maui

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