Hello, 2018! Let Me Re-Introduce Myself!


December 30, 2017.

Are you casting your mind back over the year that has passed and towards the year that is beckoning?

It’s that time of year… the holidays are winding down and the New Year is upon us.

It’s natural this time of year to be reflective and to start thinking about your goals and what you want to create in the upcoming year.

2017 was a year of massive growth and transformation for me personally. It’s been about three years in the making.. changing from my persona in entertainment to doing what I do now, and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to make the switch.

Deep down I always knew that I had something I wanted to contribute to the world, but it was scary to declare that, to own that… and then to claim it.

After my entertainment career took off I found it hard to let go of. But, the success wasn’t the real reason behind that. It was easier to hide behind the persona I had built for myself, a mask if you will. Than to be the teacher, the coach and the person I was becoming.

My mask had turned into high level hiding, but I had something else coming through me. It was what would become Balanced Bodies Wellness and the development of Balanced Life Coaching and that process has been a massive transformation.

I’ve come to learn that success isn’t at all what I had originally thought it was. I used to think that success was doing what I wanted where I wanted and with whom I wanted.

However, the big lesson here for me was that the true measure of success is how well you can heal your past trauma’s, learning how to heal all the parts of myself that were scared to be seen, recognized and still scared to be rejected. While, at the same time falling in love with the changes I saw in myself and my ability to be transparent and help others who were struggling.

Now that that chapter of mine has closed, I am looking forward to the new year and the goals I have set for myself and BalancedBodiesWellness.com

During this time of year what people tend to focus on most when reflecting is the goals they didn’t achieve.

So you inevitably end up setting these very same goals for the following year. The next thing you know, another year has passed and those goals have remained unfulfilled once more.

The reason why this cycle occurs is that most people don’t make it past the goal setting phase. A goal without steps is just a really nice dream. Just thinking positively and being positive is not enough.

Just putting the thoughts out into the universe is not going to make it happen.

So what creates the change we crave?

Our daily habits. Our routine. The things we do over and over again.

What thoughts we think.
What we eat.
How we sleep.
The daily decisions we make.

Setting goals will not change what you do each day. But if you set your daily habits up correctly, you will inevitably progress towards your goals.

The trick with creating new habits is not to change too many things at once. Doing so leads to feeling overwhelmed and it also leads to doing a poor job of a lot if things rather than nailing just a couple of things.

Pick one or maybe two habits that you want to adopt. Work on those for two weeks. Once you have them down, add one more.

Aim to nail those habits 90% of the time so that over a two week period you’re nailing 12 out of 14 days.


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