Is Your Head Holding You Back?


October, 2018.

Your brain is the most powerful organ in your body.

Yet most people neglect it.

Meditation has changed my life in every way possible. It has not only given me the ability to filter which thoughts I listen to, it has also given me the ability to quiet my mind amidst chaos. Which carries over into literally all avenues of my life from work to social situations, training, pulling myself out of my comfort zone etc.

Whatever part of your mind that you choose to feed into is the part that will grow. So practice feeding the part that sends you love, confidence and rationality. Starve the part of your mind that is angry, irrational, impulsive and afraid.

Of course much like anything else, working with your mind is a constant practice.

There is no one time fix. And you won’t be great at it immediately. Be patient with yourself.

Baby Steps.

Baby step your way into success by breaking up your big goal into several small but very attainable steps. And just like the body, through constant practice and training. Your ability to control your mind will grow stronger.

Start with a 10 minute morning mediation with a guided app. Headspace is my app of choice.

Maybe some journaling to organize your thoughts and get them out of your head.

  • ( If you choose to do this, I suggest spending time picking out a journal that you really love. One that is really cool to look at or gives you the warm   fuzzies inside.)

When I am able to read my thoughts, it helps me process them. Even if they’re just gibberish that day. I use my journal to write down goals, dreams, fears and a process to overcome them. It is an extremely powerful tool. One that I wish I would have picked up a long time ago.

If all of this feels a bit overwhelming just pick one habit and work on nailing it for two weeks before adding something else.

Repeat after me…

Baby Steps

Set 15 minutes aside during the day for you, whenever you can (even if it’s in your car on your lunch break). Make it mandatory. Put it in your calendar. A meeting with you. To get a little mental awareness and clarity.

To strengthen your positive mind. The part thats going to help you grow, succeed, love and push yourself.

I meditate and journal every morning while I have my coffee. I fit it in every day even if it means I have to get up a half hour earlier than normal. Even on vacation or if I am traveling for work. I put that time aside and I set myself up for success.

It took me about a month of real solid effort, setting reminders on my phone to put time aside. Setting alarms so I wouldn’t forget, before I fell into the ritual. Then it took about a month after that for it to become a daily habit that I now don’t even think about. I just do.

So be patient with yourself. In order to grow into a new you, you have to throw away habits and rituals that no longer serve the person you want to become.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t. You’re right

– Henry Ford –


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