Staying Fit During The Holidays

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November 22, 2017.

Thanksgiving to Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year. I love all things that have to do with the holidays! From the decorations to the food…to the FOOD!!! But, being that I am also a complete health and fitness nut, I also have learned several tricks to both enjoy the holidays and celebrate the food without ruining all the hard work I put in at the gym. November and December are filled with work functions, parties and family gatherings that can make it hard to keep up with your regular routine.

So, I have put together a guide to help you stay on track for those 35 jam-packed days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And…you don’t have to skip out on the Pumpkin Pie or Christmas cookies to do them.

  • MODERATION! Moderation is so important. I always tell my clients to steer clear of starving themselves all day so they can gorge later on at the family dinner. On days like Thanksgiving and Christmas I go about my food as I would any other day. I make sure to get lots of green veggies in as well as my protein as most of the delicious food is heavy on the carbs. Then, when the time comes for the good stuff, I load up my plate with a LITTLE of everything. I don’t restrict myself if I am craving something. Which I feel is extremely important. But I also don’t completely stuff myself (though I’m sure we have all been there) Moderation is key to enjoying the holidays and keeping the extra pounds at bay.
  • DRINK YOUR WATER! With all the delicious food and drinks around we often forget to drink water. Water is so important for digestion, even more so when alcohol is consumed. Not only does staying hydrated help with your body’s ability to absorb nutrients, it will also help in preventing you from overeating. You can thank me later!
  • STAY ACTIVE! Even if the weather starts to get a little colder and you think it would be fun to stay indoors, don’t! Get out there and get moving. It doesn’t HAVE to be in the gym. If you live in California like me, take your workout to the park or ride your bike, maybe walk the dog! If you live in a snowy climate, get out there with your friends and family and hike or build a snowman together. Anything that will keep you moving!!
  • TREAT YOURSELF! With all the holiday sales, you are bound to find a good deal on new fitness apparel or equipment. Sometimes, new workout gear is just the thing you need to give you that little push to get to the gym and get moving. Looking good leads to feeling good so what better place to start?
  • START A FITNESS FAMILY TRADITION! My family plays a game of catch before we sit down to eat and afterwards we go for a walk. So, as soon as we’ve given Thanks for an amazing meal, we take a walk over to the park, feed the ducks, and keep it active! What better way to stay active than doing it with family?
  • SET A GOAL! Resolutions aren’t just for New Years!Small, attainable goals are the best kind to make. You can set a small goal that is easy to achieve and will help you make it through those busy 35 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whether it’s increasing the number of miles in your run every week or just making a goal of walking an extra lap around the park each day, small, tangible goals are easy and effective ways to make positive changes in your life!

Let’s be honest, chances are good that every one of us will put on a few extra pounds over the holidays but this cheater guide will help you to keep the “few” pounds to a reasonable number. After all, the holidays are all about celebrating and we love that! But being that it’s always so much harder to take the weight off than it is to put it on, why not help yourself out a little and just take a few cheater tips to becoming successful this holiday season! Successfully fit and healthy!


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