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When I first began working out and eating healthy, I was convinced I needed to buy supplements. All of them. Everything that Vitamin Shoppe and GNC had to offer. I was convinced they were the reasons people were, well, fit! Boy was I confused. I had no idea the amount of consistency with diet and exercise those people had to display day in and day out to look the way they did.
I wish someone had told me back then to save my money! Don’t waste it on supplements made of cheap and artificial ingredients with no benefit, miracle wraps that instantly melt your fat away, and detox teas that don’t work. The list of scams are endless. Save that money and spend it on your gym membership and whole foods that are good for your body! I promise that when you see those guys and girls with flawless abs and chiseled bodies, the credit for those bodies does not go to a fat burner. It’s all from their discipline in the gym, and more importantly, their diet.
One from my recent shoots
Photograph by Isaiah Mays.
Sure, I like a good pre-workout for the extra energy in the gym. I always take fish oil, digestive enzymes and a good multi. If I missed a meal and need some extra protein that day, I’ll add a scoop of protein powder to my oats. I am not anti-supplement at all. I simply feel that the foundation of your diet should be composed mainly of healthy, whole foods, with room for some accounted for treats. Don’t go into this relying on a fat burner or any other seemingly quick fix to do the job for you. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.
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