November 01, 2016.

One thing I always do when packing is measure out my servings of oats and pack them into snack sized baggies. Using the coffee maker at the hotel for hot water, I can make a quick perfectly portioned bowl of oatmeal. Many times I’ll order some eggs and a side of berries as well. I don’t generally drink protein drinks or use protein powder as I prefer whole food/meals because they fill me up more. However sometimes protein powder is necessary when traveling for long periods of time. I measure out servings and put them in snack sized ziplock baggies.

“The only time I had an issue was in the Vegas airport. TSA was concerned with one of my melted ice packs. (cue eye roll)”
The night before my flight I’ll cook 2-3 meals to take with me on the trip. I have taken pre cooked meals both on US flights as well as international fights and have never had an issue with traveling with food. The only time I had an issue was in the Vegas airport. TSA was concerned with one of my melted ice packs. (cue eye roll) While an airport slice of pizza or greasy burger wouldn’t do too much damage, I would rather splurge on a nice dinner or big pancake breakfast during my trip. If I’m going to have a cheat meal, it’s going to be worth the extra calories. Not just because I ran out of food and I’m hungry. If my travel location is somewhere involving the beach, lake, camping etc.. it can be easy to get dehydrated from minimal water and working/playing in the sun all day. I make sure to drink plenty of water, and if alcohol is involved, I drink even more water.

Speaking of alcohol.. In my everyday life, I rarely drink. If I’m on vacation, I usually go for a few glasses of wine at dinner. Even though they’re delicious, I try to avoid sugar filled daiquiris/coladas, beers etc. I’ve found thats the best way for me to avoid bloat caused by alcohol. Instead I aim for a vodka tonic.
As far as meals during the stay, I make sure to have protein with each meal. I also try to eat all the protein of my meal before the fats and carbs, so I don’t get too full on the carby/fatty/yummy foods and am unable to finish the protein! If you’re dieting and traveling, try to keep in mind that veggies do not travel well for periods of time longer than 24 hours. I usually cook and pack my proteins in baggies portioned out to serving sizes, and find veggies at my destination.

If you’re like me, trips are busy busy busy. Lots of walking, swimming, exploring etc. I’ll go for a morning run for cardio or take advantage of the hotel gym. Some hotel gyms include a wide variety of equipment while others only have dumbbells and cardio equipment. Get creative, you can do a lot with just some dumbbells! It is also a great idea to pack bands in your suitcase. They are so easy to squeeze into your luggage and they provide an easy workout. Try mixing it up with some band work and plyo training.
Most of all.. Have fun! Try not to stress yourself out. There are always options available to you if you look for them. Explore your destination, Enjoy your company, and have a great time!


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